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Funbelievable Family Magic:
As an award winning performer for over 40 years, some of Greg’s favorite audiences are Family TrophyCrowds of all sizes and all ages! Greg will share some of his FUNBELIEVABLE Techniques, tricks and routines that get, keep and entertain the ever important Family Audiences. Learn how Greg deals with Family Audiences that have varied ages and interests… See what works and what doesn’t! Greg will include his routines that not only keep kids attention but adults as well!




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Funbelieveable Magic 101:

 “A Smorgasbord of Magic!” or “Magic 101” – with over 40 years of experience as a Magician and Magical teacher, Greg presents a hands on workshop focusing on fundamental magic principles, sleights and techniques. This is perfect for those new to magic or those wanting to build a more solid foundation. This will help you learn important skills and techniques. Learn to make magic routines and how to combine tricks together to come up with your own unique (and funny!) magic show. Learn not only that PATTER, PRACTICE and TIMING are the keys to success but also learn Greg’s FUNBELIEVABLE methods to his magic..

Funbelievable Kids Stuff:  Greg knows kids! From the Auditorium to the Cafetorium, programs2011-2012+190Classroom to the Living room, Library to the Sanctuary, Greg’s FUNBELIEVABLE style of Kids Magic has served him well for over 40 years. Several times a week Greg is in front of some of his favorite audiences, KIDS! And Greg believes it’s our job to make sure kids get a “full performance experience” and not just another show. Besides some great tricks, Greg teaches ways to “up the theatrical” level of our programs. While Greg does at times use the “Pack Flat Play Big” idiom, he shows in the workshop why sometimes “Packing BIG Playing BIG” has its place! You’ll learn some great magic, audience control techniques, getting kids to remember you and more in this info packed workshop!

Funbelievable Clown Stuff:
Greg has studied with clowning, mime and performance greats like Steven Ragatz , FredCLown Garbo, Joan Schirle, Don Reider, Liebe Wetzel, Tom Doughterty and Randy Christensen.  Toss in years on the road as a Magic Dealer and Lecturer, Greg has learned what tricks and techniques work best in funny ways. In this combined “prop and clown technique” workshop, Greg will show you how to use your character to present “store bought magic” in comedic ways. Learn how to use props as a “true” clown so you are not one of those just performing tricks  “poorly, because that’s how clowns do it!” Learn how to make your props “come alive.” Simple magic done comedic style that is perfect for clowns. Learn Greg’s FUNBELIEVABLE method to his clowning magic and meet “GREGOR THE CLOWN!”

Funbelievable Themed and Multiple Program Presentations:
Kids Point 1
Each year Greg develops for himself and assists other performers, a new Summer Library program based on the Collaborative Summer Library Program Standards. Greg shows how to “personalize” your tricks for the theme, develop the show and even some marketing tips! ALSO: Multi-day Camps and Crusades are big for Greg’s summer work schedule. Greg will show how he develops his multi-day programs with tricks, stories, routines and lessons that build each program and then bring the end of your week to a thrilling climax! A must for people doing multi-day presentations. More than just a conglomeration of tricks thrown into your case!

WindowofOppFunbelievable Gospel and Message Magic:
Greg prefers his term “Creative Object Lessons With a Surprise Ending!” in describing his Gospel/Message Presentations. As a Children’s Pastor for over 25 years, Greg used his magical /clowning/storytelling skills present the Gospel in unique, inspiring and attention keeping ways! This is not your usual “Gospel Lecture” where a handkerchief disappears as you make “sin” disappear, but rather easy, clear and concise presentations of important Biblical Truths.  It’s also a workshop that focuses on creating good character, morals, and anti-bullying messages and routines for your programs.  See Greg’s unique, refreshing routines using regular magic props and some new effects that you can make! Great  for churches, schools and ministries. Learn Greg’s FUNBELIEVABLE ways to adapt your effects to communicate important truths! All are easy to perform allowing the performer to focus on the importance of the life message being presented.
 Greg Health FirstFunbelievable Storytelling: Greg takes the techniques taught by “the Master Storyteller” and then shares the magic of creating and telling stories with our voices and bodies. Along the way learn Greg’s FUNBELIEVABLE tips challenges and guidelines to help you as a storyteller. Storytelling is serious business but it should be fun and interactive. Learn the art of storytelling from Greg.




Funbelievable Puppets and Props: Greg began DSC_0070using puppets as part of building a puppet team for his kids church. Several of his teams won medals at One Way Street and Puppet Productions Conferences. Greg wanted something different and went to study “Found Object Puppetry” with Liebe Wetzel  (Lunatique Fantastique) The “Funbelievable Puppets and Props” is not a traditional puppet class. There are tons of puppet styles that Greg will take a look at, as well as other types of puppets and props that you can create and bring to life! This will be a unique and fun class. Greg will show his Animatronic Puppet and teach you to make several types of puppets including a Dollar Store Variety!

Funbelievable Creativity: From Roger Van Oech, Jordan Ayan, Einstein to Doug Hall…IMG_9918Greg has immersed himself in learning the Art of Creativity as a Creative type himself. “People were always coming to me to ask how I could help them be more creative.” So Greg developed his FUNBELIEVABLE System of Creativity. Learn Greg’s TOP 25 list of being more creative. Something for everyone no matter your degree of creativity! Learn how to look at tricks, routines and characters in different and creative ways.


Funbelievable Techniques, Tips and Tricks of the Trade: From adding music to your shows to packing tips… this workshop is “CHOCK FULL” of ideas that will make your show better, more professional and more FUNBELIEVABLE. Greg turns his table around so you can see all the “real secrets” of his shows. Remotes, Holders, Clips, Tables… this is the real magic that makes his show flow so well and look so good. From the Newbie to the most Seasoned Performer, you will get something from this interactive workshop! See Greg’s Funbelievable “Pack Flat-Play Big” Travel Friendly Carry On Show.

Stilts.jpgFunbelievable Acting and Directing Techniques: With a Degree In Acting, Directing and Technical Production Greg knows how to make your Magic, Performances and Characters more Theatrical. Using his experience as a trained performer Greg shows how you can critique your own performances and routines and offer directorial advice to squeezing every ounce of entertainment from your performances making them FUNBELIEVABLE!

RedNoseBWPicFunbelievable Character Development:
The secret to being a good performer…magician-clown- actor or otherwise… begins with good character development. This workshop will give FUNBELIEVABLE  tools to create and develop memorable, strong, compelling characters that come alive and capture the imagination. Greg will also give his FUNBELIEVABLE tricks to writing dialog that will ensure success. Meet Professor Von Gregor, Super Hero-Super G, Lucille Sandpapaper and others!

ChangeFunbelievable Magic of Change:
This is Greg’s Corporate Presentation to achieve   success in business! Success in your business and in your career depends on the goals you set plus knowing what to change and when to change it. Greg’s thought-provoking program sparks exciting new ideas that will help you achieve some amazing, magical, funbelievable, results! But you don’t have to be a magician to reap the rewards. Greg shows you how to use this magic to increase your success. AND Greg teaches you some Executive Magic Tricks THAT YOU WILL DO!
You’ll learn…
GregNoseGlasses*A first impression that can set you apart.
*When to CHANGE and when to HANG in there.
*Staying on track when everything around you isn’t.
*Hear “The Paper Clip Story!”
*Changing from better to best.
*The best sources of new ideas…and they are free!
*Problem solving using Greg’s seven magic words.
*What employees want most from their jobs and what their employers THINK they want.              *   *Greg’s Kingdom principle of leadership – Powerful!
*Pulling your team together and quickly reaching company goals.

Juggle TImeFunbelievable Juggling Simultaneous Priorities: Using the word JUGGLE, Greg
teaches not only TIME MANAGEMENT Techniques, Ideas and suggestions for getting your career, your life and your priorities in order BUT He also teaches participants to JUGGLE! That’s right! You and your team will learn to JUGGLE! Greg has seen many times all or nearly all of  your team members juggling before the workshop is over!

Juggling on Volcano Pacaya










WHO IS GREG PHILLIPS? That’s a question that he asks himself regularly!Greg Hat

First, Greg is a “FUNBELIEVABLE” all around entertainer!  Magician, Disc Jockey,  Clown, Storyteller (Pastor-shhh!) and funny guy! A goofball with a sense of decorum!

Greg has been called “one of the most knowledgeable performers” and a “performers director.” Greg has been performing, writing and creating effects,  tricks, gags, routines, stories and presentations for over 40 years. Greg has toured throughout the U.S., plus Central and South America and a few other cool spots – performing, teaching, speaking, directing, writing and lecturing for Corporations, Magician’s, Clowns, Children’s Pastors and Church Leaders.

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